Dev post #1

Dev post #1

DEV #01

Okay it is 1am and finally have something to start adding content, did not think I would get writers block this early haha. This will be a semi technical post just if any devs are interested.

This website is using Next.js, Chakra Ui, Typescript to start off. But I would like to add a CMS to make it easier to write new posts. Right now I and using my IDE (VSCODE) and writing into a JSON file. Not the best but I need to start writing or I will put it off.

I spent the last two days switching back and forth from MUI and Chakra and probably will switch again. I am not a designer so it is sometimes really hard to know what will look good. But I guess the best way to get it happening is just start it.

I spent the weekend at a island with work, for the christmas party and then had to drive down very hungover And didn’t want to put this off so smashed it out.