Dev post #2

Dev post #2

DEV #02

So this might just be a short update on the development of this site. I have been busy working and travelling and just socialising with family. Anyway I am excited to share that I added some small animation to the site with some cool parallax effects.

I mainly used framer-motion and quite basic and used a parallax package to allow for a cool landing page. Although I had to lose some optimisation on the speed of the sight becuase the image doesn’t use next/image.

One last thing I have been experimenting with is MDX and how to use it in a site. Although I am not finding a whole lot of benefit with it. So I just have it on another branch and leaving it as is until I need it.

I might try move all the posts to markdown because it might be better suited. I just need to format pages better. The page is quite cramped and not exactly what I am going for.