Dev post #4

Dev post #4


After about 4 months of waiting I finally got access to DALL-E 2, and OMG it is incredible. For those who don’t know “DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.”, and boy does it do a good job.

So my first thought and first few things I generated were memes. And it was so fun, but unfortunately, it has a 50 request limit so I went over that super quick generating random stuff and playing around. I did end up getting some work colleagues into a stream and had some fun and came out with some incredible images. It works a lot better with more detail in the description and is quite good at getting context although has its downfalls.

I did realise I made a mistake and used my work email to create an account to get access and kind of unfortunate since I leave on the first and will probably lose access to the account. But have been having fun with it in the meantime. It is very good at generating things from dreams I find the best thing to do is to generate images from what you want for inspiration and has been very wholesome at doing so.

What have I been generating?

I started with random scenes of things:

“a walking trail on a picturesque Australian landscape and on the trail looking back an Australian Shepherd, in background clear blue sky with mountain” Aussie Doggo

“live action Lord of the Rings but they are teddy bears, movie poster” Poster

An image for a friends profile online

“An impressionist painting of a sheep typing on a laptop” Sheep Developer

Then tried some more memes

“a jar of baked beans ascending to heaven in cyberpunk style digital art” Jar of Beans

You can also generate variations

“Some artwork of Sydney” Variation Sydney

But the crazy thing is people

A colleague and weird mirror dimension versions of him Dan

And the image edits

Things in the image

“man holding a chicken”


Or features

“a man with amazing hair” or “a monk”


But at last, they removed the ability to upload real faces after some deepfakes were released and they realised how powerful this tool was. I am hoping they bring this back and make it illegal to not have consent but not sure if they will do that. Anyway thanks for reading and gonna have more of a play with this and might use some in my website.