Food, Food...

Food, Food...

And More Food!

So the day started off pretty simple we got up and ready brushed last night off and hit up the town. The group wanted to explore the anime town where there are heaps of figurines and anime theme key chains and knick-knacks. There were so many Gachapon places, for those who don’t know they are those gumball machines that have toys inside them or small trinkets. But there are also massive ones where you can win big prizes kinda a way you can gamble in Japan. I ended up wasting about $50 on some dumb toys and a water bottle probably not worth it but also very fun.

There was also a large number of adult shops that join to the other shops so was kinda confronting. So one moment you are looking at toys and anime “nek minit” you are looking at phallic devices and overwhelmed by what things they make. Also had some pretty good street food in that area and got some takoyaki and mainly just was there for the group.

After some of the guys wanted to go back to Spa world but were not feeling it and needed to find some time to catch up on my blog and just mentally reset. Nat and Jo also stay at the BnB think they wanted to catch up on Pokemon while they had some time. After a couple of hours, we all got fairly hungry and the guys at the spa were still not done. So Jo, Nat, and I went to this nice Izakaya place where the menu had 0 English and was handwritten. This made it hard to order and hard to use the translate app but we managed to get by.

MenuBeef TatakiFried Oysters
Blue FinTofu DashiTamagoyaki

After an amazing dinner, we grabbed some yummy dessert, which was waffles and shakes, and OMG it was sweet. I couldn’t believe how indulging it was, it felt out of a movie or something. Barely drank half but the girls seemed to love it.


The next day was nothing special just a quiet morning went to get some curry with tofu which was very tasty and spent way too long looking for a food massage but to no prevail. Wenu also landed and joined the adventure as he was staying our BnB. We all had planned to go to yakiniku that night, which is where you cook over hot coals and damn was it good. Ox tongue, beef short rib, pork belly, and a bunch of other things. Think that was the most I have eaten on this trip and don’t regret a thing. We also had all-you-can-drink and drinks were okay but nothing fancy.

Curry TofuYakiniku

I ended up walking home slightly earlier and found out when Christian (Crispy) got home that he PROPOSED!!!! So that’s super exciting and so happy for them they are a very cute couple. Ended up going to sleep and felt quite terrible think my mood dropped and was missing my baby back at home. Hopefully, the sleep will fix things.