Karaoke and Relax

Karaoke and Relax

Relax time

So the trip so far has been quite non stop and starting to get a little drained, plus my feet feel like they are turning into compacted plates of dead skin. Ouch right? So todays plan was to go to Spa World, for those who don’t know its basically a huge Japanese bath house. This is where everyone strips down into birthday suits and hop into hot baths to relax. There is a fair amount of different baths there too to cater for variety. This ranges from hot 49 degrees, to cool 19 degrees plus there are ones like electrolysis or milk. Yeah its different but fun part of Japan.


I went with Gwu, Sejiun and Christian, the girls ended up just spending the day together going shopping as they didn’t wanna get naked together. The baths were nice but I think I might have been heavily dehydrated and kinda felt worse for wear when trying to relax, felt like I was gonna throw up. After the spas we ended up going into the relax area which is where you put these borrowed clothes on and just sit in a massive quiet room in recliners to just wind down. So a few of us just played pokemon or slept. Time went so quick in there felt like 20 minutes but ended up being 3 hours.

After spa world we met up with everyone including Vicky and Henry and planned a Karaoke night. We went to a place that does all you can drink and the drinks were fairly strong which was good and bad! Of course I had to pull out my best singing voice and belt out my lungs to the point where the next day I could barely talk. The songs ranged from Iris to through the Fire and Flames, plus a few Japanese and Chinese songs mixed in. Was an awesome time and definitely got distracted drinking as think we all drank a very large amount.


I think this was the drunkest I have been on the trip although I don’t regret it. Bonded more with my mates and just had a great time stumbling around the city. I think at one point I was just saying “thank you” randomly to strangers on the street, really obnoxiously. But they all smiled and though it was funny, just a random guy foreigner just yelling thank you haha. I think the only draw back was I dropped my phone and ended up getting a crack (it’s okay was planning on getting a new one), unfortunately was the first crack I have had since 2017 so 5 years without a case was doing pretty good.

The next day I thought I would feel like death, and I did need to throw up but I definitely felt alright overall. Most of the gang wanted to head to Kyoto to see all the sights there but I was kinda feeling sore even after the spa yesterday. So me and Gwu decided to not go to Kyoto since we have seen it all there and wanted to avoid the extra walking and stay in Osaka. So that’s what we did, we ended up going for a massage and OMG was worth it. My feet felt refreshed and reset and was so nice I was dozing off during it and wish I got a longer session.

After the massage we went to go get some food and got the first curry of the trip. It was very good and basically hit the spot, after a massive couple of days walking over 20k steps each day. When we finished the food then we went for a little wander around at some shops and looked at the Osaka Pokemon Centre and Nintendo shop. Didn’t buy anything but was amazing to see some a themed shop.


When we finished shopping we ended up meeting up with the group from Kyoto and then went to play some more darts at a Round 1, basically a large arcade. Was fun but we didn’t really drink much and Geu smashed us again haha. We walked over to another all you can drink place but felt a little not welcome as Sejiun over heard them talking about foreigners. Think they weren’t happy and thought we were just coming in for the drinks and wouldn’t eat. It does happen unfortunately and think the drinks were watered down but the food was good and ultimately was a nice dinner.

After that just walked Dotonbori and I wanted some takoyaki so stood in line only to be turned away because some lady ordered the last bunch just before I got to the front. So that sucked but eh it happens. We then went to try sea grapes and got some seafood on the grill which was quite tasty. Also the waitress spoke English and preferred it over Japanese as she was from Vietnam and only there to study. Was great night and didn’t get overly drunk so thats a plus. Still so much to do and need to find more time to write.