Head banging deers

Head banging deers

Nara, where the deers sneak up on you

Okay so on the trip today everyone was going to Nara, which is famous for having a deer park where you can buy these cookies and feed the deer. the cookies are fairly cheap about $2 and would recommend grabbing some on the way in. The park is free and just a massive open area where you can walk around.


The main thing to do is “obviously” feed the deer but they do this thing where they bow if you bow to them kinda like a dog sitting on command for a treat. This is cute and all but only cute for the first couple of minutes then it is just flipping annoying. The mofo’s sneak up behind you and bit your ass or pull on your coat. Quite frustrating when you find a nice one then some c*%t one comes up behind and assaults you. We had to start an intimidating tactic where we would move our feet on the gravel to scare them off because they don’t stop. They also don’t eat them if you drop them on the ground so it’s just kinda gear grinding. Maybe I am jaded from being felt up by a deer but it’s not all as fun as it’s made up to be. maybe the first 5 min is.

Nara Park

We did meet one deer who was quite dopy and had a stuffed-up jaw, so he was crowned Goofer. The goofiest of deer at the park, he must have been quite old as he was laying down and didn’t have a lot of movement but he was so friendly.


For lunch, we ended up grabbing some udon, so I got curry udon and some karaage and it was delightful. Boy was I stuffed but felt warmed by the soup. But to warm us up more we headed over to a fantastic sake distillery. $5 and you get 5 shots of the sake plus a bonus one and to add on top you are also given a collectible sake cup to take home. That was very fun but the girls who don’t drink almost threw up haha.


Curry UdonDango

After Nara, we headed back to Shinjuku and grabbed some pork bowls for dinner (this was a few hours later) but I was still full from before. So only got a small amount then went back to the BnB to chill and wind down. We wanted to treat ourselves that night to some nice food so we found a really good izakaya which was down an ally. OMG, it was so good and they did fatty tuna with fresh wasabi was probably the best thing I have eaten on this trip. It wasn’t cheap but also not expensive. Highly recommend and I left a review of the place because it was that good and the chef was so nice. we were the only ones in the restaurant and it was just him but he was so friendly.

Beef TatakiFatty TunaBeef Braised

On the walk back we all mistakenly down a bottle of soju which was definitely a bad decision. And regretted that the next day, kinda was the tipping point of the night but what can you do? The main cause was that Wenu was late and missed out so we wanted him to catch up. And then we all joined him.