Ramen Museum

Ramen Museum

More Ramen

So the plan today was to check out the ramen museum which is located in Shin-Yokohama, not very far from us but enough to catch the train. This place has ramen restaurants from all over Japan that specialize in ramen from particular areas. So you can kinda keep going back there and have your mouth explore Japan and all the famous specialty ramen.

Ramen Museum (Blurry I know but all I got)

The biggest downside was the 60min wait just so you could stand in line at the restaurant. You add yourself to this online queue so you can explore the rest of the museum before then waiting to get your food. The problem is there isn’t much else to look at there. So we just found somewhere to sit down and play pokemon. At one point a line started to form behind us out of nowhere and then became a line for a cafe there. This was annoying because we had to move as someone from the cafe came out and asked us. Was kinda frustrating.

Ramen MapRamen PhoneRamen

Find got in there, and this again was probably an overly hyped place. Seijun has a friend that works there and he vouched that this place was really good. Now don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed it but the hype makes it hard to compete. The special thing about this place is that the broth has been cooking for like 100 years so it is meant to have a complex and rich flavor. That would be good if it didn’t smell like ass, mixed with wet dog. It was tasty and the egg was great but yeah overly hyped.

So we couldn’t help ourselves and went back to “the chicken place” when we got back to Ikebukuro. The cheap all-you-can-drink and the mega-sours are just too good. plus the amazing food we simply can’t say no to it. I don’t know what they did, must have changed the chef but the chicken was overcooked, still tasty but crunchy, not crispy. We ended up having a few Megas instead of the all-you-can-drink then headed off to an arcade. Was a big night and don’t remember all of it but we managed to lose Christian at one point and felt like we walked a long way.

Mega SourCurry

The next day I needed a sleep-in as the constant drinking is catching up to me and need to unwind properly. After a big sleep-in, I woke up and headed out to grab some curry at gorilla curry which was pretty eh. The only notable thing was Wenu wanted x6 spicy but got 6 lots of x1 spicy. So a just large bowl of curry gravy.

Late lunch then headed to try to do some Christmas shopping for some gifts for people back home. Didn’t find anything and spent ages just walking around so my feet were about to give up. But did find my first real coffee here no flat white but was still fantastic. After the massive walk went back to BnB for some Sake with Gwu and then met Vicky and Henry at “the chicken place” as they wanted to try. Was good again so can’t complain and not sure what else to rave about this place without overhyping it.


To tie off the night we all went and had shisha which was relaxing and kinda vibe but not really my thing. we got two flavors and ice filters which was okay but so hazy in there (obviously). I don’t think the group loved it but was good to relax for a little bit and chat. Bed time and not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight.