First Day, First Problem

First Day, First Problem

Problems happen

After having little sleep I woke up to the sound of the outdoors, and the smell of fresh Aeropress coffee. I spent the night at my sister Paula and her fiance Ben’s place, along with my niece Tala (for reference she is a dog). Absolutely the most amazing kelpie, with a wide range of tricks and very well behaved. Always is a pick me up and puts a smile on your face. She has this trick “Who’s your best friend?” where she then puts her paw on you. Definitely helped me on the hard days when I used to stay here.

After coffee, I drove with my Papa to see my other sister where my plan was to work from her cafe and trial run if it was doable. I arrived just before my Nephews were about to go to school, and said the family greetings as it has been about a year or so since I have seen them last. As it was nearing 9 am I headed down to the Yum Yum Tree cafe in a small town called New Brighton. I set up my laptop in a nice spot overlooking the river. I started up everything but was shocked at how slow the internet was. As the cafe doesn’t have any I had to hot spot.

This is where the problems arose! While I was nice and comfy ready to cease the day I was met with the little dino man when you can’t connect to the internet. This was strange since I had 4G and full reception. Obviously, I started to panic, but kinda internal as I didn’t want to look like the weird guy freaking out in the corner. I was already an outsider at this point rocking up in my bright yellow swift.

I took a few breaths and ended up having to borrow my dad’s phone to hotspot off while I try to figure out the problem. While it kinda worked it just wasn’t good enough to easily find a solution. So I finished up my coffee and rushed back to my sister’s to just use her home internet. I was lucky that I didn’t just rush off to another place only to realise my phone was playing up. I set up in her lounge room which also has a nice view and jumped straight back into work.

I honestly thought that I wouldn’t be super productive knowing I was running off little sleep and semi-drained from the weekend before. Or at least not as productive I ended up being. I had this urge to just smash out things and didn’t feel hard to do. While I wasn’t the most comfortable I have been while working I still felt like it didn’t stop me.

I ended up finishing just as my nephews were getting back from the skate park and start the nephew uncle fun and games. They have grown up so much since I last saw them and good to see they are getting into Pokemon. Something I grew up with as a kid so very easy to get excited about talking about it.

As the day was still new I went to the pub with my father to have a few drinks and catch up. Honestly was a great conversation and haven’t felt like we had had a DnM like that since my 18th birthday. Was holding back some teary eyes, but ended up having a great time. Shortly after we organised dinner, my two sisters and their family at a local Thai in Pottsville. The fam kept talking it up and definitely held to that stature.

We shared some beers and good conversation then went for a family walk on the beach to try to let our food digest and not break a button. Just had some memory sharing from when we were younger and talked about the current world problems like CV19. I ended up coming back with the sister who has a dog as I need more Tala in my life. and now getting ready for an early night.