Hump day update

Hump day update


Okay so this will probably be closer to the pace that I will post since I am buggered after work and hard to think about writing a whole lot, but I digress. Tuesday was great I worked from my sister’s (Paula) had K9 company all day mostly and was quite relaxing. Was able to focus on work and continue smashing out more and more work.

Although the space was nice, it got me thinking about comfort with how I am actually sitting. She doesn’t have a good work setup like me so I just worked from the couch which wasn’t horrible but I need to find a solution if I am to continue this for longer times. Definitely need to do some research into this.

After I finished went down to the local pub with Papa, Paula, and Ben. Was good the barman is quite nice and has decent vibes there but very low traffic so just like a couple of locals. Not what I am used to after living in the city for a while. But it was great, just was struggling since my stomach is still not cooperating with beer. Might try not to drink for a little bit just to feel me again haha.

While I was at the pub I organise to go for dinner with a date, which was great fun and nice food, no need for detail, but ended up coming back to my other sister’s (Reanna/Strawb) to crash. It wasn’t my first pick I really wanted to stay at an Airbnb or motel just to have the experience and see how it would be. But the date went until late. I sometimes love chatting for ages especially if the conversation is good. I might try to stay at an Airbnb on Friday, as I have plans on Thursday to catch up with a mate from school.

Today (Wednesday) went quite nicely, I started working at the Cafe but opted to sit in a more open area. This was to avoid any service issue and it worked like a charm. Had no problems and could voice chat with cut-offs. I worked there till about Lunchtime since it started to rain. The weather is definitely not in my favor atm. But I am kinda happy it is like that since I can try problem solve and test the flexibility.

I ended up back at Reanna’s and continued to work as normal. Until the nephews got home and needed to entertain them. Once we were all tired out had some dinner with them and helped them get ready for bed. Might go for a beach walk to end the day as the weather has cleared up, but I am kinda exhausted.