Old Friends, New Me

Old Friends, New Me


After a great night’s sleep, I woke to have a kick in my step ready to seize the day. Went to the cafe and decided to try to do a standing desk thing this time, And wow did it work out nicely. Felt quite comfortable the whole day without needing to get up and stretch (something I am trying to do more without an ergo chair).

Day went as expected got a bunch of work in and finalised some things, just trying to get this sprint done, so next week won’t be as full-on. But I ended up seeing two celebs at the cafe (one quite famous other a band member), didn’t realise till after when my sister pointed it out. Something that didn’t occur to me was in the area, Celebrities love settling down. So they often stroll around at the local quiet cafes. You sometimes forget people in movies are people too and have relatively normal lives outside of work.

After about lunch, I ended up back at Paula’s and finished my day there since I had organised to catch up with a Highschool friend that night. Nothing too exciting happened at work but all in all, was a good day. I am getting quite drained from the family interactions but not letting that affect me. Having a dog around does boost morale and productivity though.

Once work clocked off I headed around to my mates Josh. We have been friends since the start of HighSchool and just get along fairly well. He is not settling down with his GF which was also a friend from HS. They seem to be doing great and love the spot they have up in the range. Nice and quiet but with decent internet haha.

So of course we had a couple of drinks and started the old, rehashing memories. It was fairly eye-opening, learnt some stuff about different perspectives at school, and was a nice refresher. Josh and I used to walk the streets of Mullum with nothing to do but listen to music and that is where my love for music started. He used to be my go-to for new releases and just suggestions in general and owe a lot to that.

Anyway, after the night I woke up on the couch a tad rusty but nothing a coffee couldn’t solve. Then proceeded to work from his place. Most of the day was meetings but I did get to polish up a few things. At about lunch, I headed back to Paula’s to finish off the day and pack my gear as I planned to Coffs on Saturday.

Once work was finished I got my stuff together for later and got ready for another date. Was a quiet one just went to the Brunswick Hotel for a few drinks. After the date, I had a walk around the town, and wow just so much changed. It is no longer a quiet town and everything is so pricey. It still tries to play it off like it is quiet and not many people know about it, but it has become worst than Byron Bay. At least Byron doesn’t pretend anymore.

I had to get Chinese while I was in town so that was my choice of dinner: Fried rice spring rolls and satay chicken. I did also order garlic prawns but got garlic chicken, oh well. The owner there is a nice lady named Cindy and she barely remembered me haha. I used to go there a lot partly due to the love for the food but my ex used to work there and would always get discounts.

So anyway, after that I headed back to Paula’s to head to bed. But it got me thinking about how things have changed so much and the people in the town. If you had asked me back when I was a rebellious teen, where my life would end up. Would not have guessed this. I didn’t think I would ever make it out of this town. But it is nice to come back and see it.