The beginning of something.

The beginning of something.


We all have that dream, that dream to do something wonderful, I guess this is mine. Never saw myself as someone who wanted to travel, but I guess working from home 40 hours a week would make anyone wanna get out. I love what I do for work and wouldn’t change it for anything, and yet I am stuck thinking there is something missing. Growing up I didn’t get to travel much (apart from the trips to different states), coming from a semi-poor family is just not something you get to do. So when I got a job I saved and ended up doing a little bit of traveling. Not a whole lot just the UK and Japan, but it was enough to see what is out there.

I enjoyed it but surprisingly not enough to really want to do it a lot. My partner at the time love the idea of traveling the world and we clashed on this because I liked comfort and could only think about going back to Japan. But in the past months, I have found myself loving the idea to pack up everything sell it. Then hire a van with a bed and take my laptop with me.

I am a developer. Full-Stack Software Engineer is more accurate but kind of a mouth full and people just think it is IT anyway 🥲. But having this career has enabled me to be quite flexible. I work remotely for a FinTech company that deals with FX mainly, but it got me thinking internationally. Thinking about travel and all the cool places out there. So I asked myself “What’s tieing me here?“. I mean I am single, young, fit, outgoing, can work remotely, love meeting new people, and hate working in my room.

This is my chance to get out to see the world before I get older and settle down. But I can’t just willy nilly yeet myself around the world I have to have some plan or at least a rough outline. And I need to try it first, I am a dev and one thing we do if something is risky is test it beforehand. So my “plan” (more like a basic idea), is to travel down to NSW to see family and work. This gives me a good idea if I can work from cafes and hotspots without having too much risk. I can stay with different family members since they are all spread down the coast and see how it goes. Call this the prologue, the trial to answer one simple question. “Can you travel and develop”. I am sure you can but I want to see if my lifestyle will work with it or if I will need to readjust.

I figured doing a blog will help me keep on track and maybe inspire more people to get out and see the world (saying it like I am the first one with this idea). It also gives me some space to do a passion project and get a bit more to show off as a dev. I will try to keep the site updating and modern but I don’t wanna burn out.